Why a Pooling Option?

Playing the lottery is all about winning, and no other way of playing generates so many chances of winning and results in so many benefits.

PoolingPLUS Printable Bullet Point Overview

Pooling is a tried-and-true way of playing the lottery. It's as traditional as the lotto games themselves. Lotteries can turn this already accepted and proven way of playing into a universal game enhancer.

Players want as many chances to win as they can get in the game they are currently playing. They will pay for the opportunity afforded by a pooling option because the option gives them 10 more chances to win at every prize level for the cost of a single wager.

The pooling option will be successful with all 5 or 6 number traditional draw games because the size of the jackpot is of little consequence. Players simply want to win meaningful prizes in the game they are currently enjoying.

Multiple research studies as well as empirical data support that sales will increase by as much as 25% starting at the lowest jackpot level.

Here's the Latest

Reaching Millennials

Social Media is about the sharing of personal experiences, and the Sharing Economy is all about the sharing of personal resources. A pooling ticket can provide a bridge to Millenials that the lottery can widen through BOTH the shared experience aspect of pools/group play through social media, and also by appealing to the sharing instincts of those millenials who endorse and particiapte in the sharing economy.

Pools Build Excitement

A ticket with 11 or 12 rows of plays is far more exciting than 1 or 2 plays. Additionally, players will almost always have matching numbers, unlike going for drawing after drawing many times with zero numbers matching what was drawn. Players will definitely get more entertainment out of a pooling ticket, especially when they are showered with free RollOver plays for the small wins.


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