PoolingPLUS Wins Award at
Smart-Tech 2007

Smart-Tech 2007 - SMART IDEA AWARD - 2nd Place Winner
PoolingPLUS, RMS's revolutionary new pooling option, was well received by the industry judges at Smart-Tech 2007 this Spring as a solution to Rebuilding Value in Online Games. Tying for second place with Cole System's OrderPad, PoolingPLUS was chosen by a panel of industry judges as one of the top new Lottery Industry ideas.

Findings from Independent Lottery Research that compared 2005 and 2006 to 2007 showed that the percent of players playing weekly has dropped from 26% to 17%, a 35% decline. Additionally, the enjoyment of the games is “disturbingly low” amongst those who play regularly. These findings are consistent with the continuing deterioration of online lotto games, as reported by RMS, showing that these games have deteriorated by 54% over the past eleven years resulting in a current annual shortfall of $5.4 Billion.

PoolingPLUS is the solution to this decline.

The logic of PoolingPLUS as a remedy is simple: Players want more chances of winning at an affordable price. They will pay an extra dollar to get 10 more chances to win or as much as $5 more to get 50 more chances to win; providing lapsed players with a powerful and exciting reason to return and stay in the game.