Your Ticket to 20-30% Increase in Draw Game Sales

A POWERFUL Incentive to Play More
10 More Plays for ONLY $2!

In addition, PoolingPLUS generates 10 WINNERS with each winning ticket. Once implemented, the total number of winners at all prize levels will TRIPLE, creating even further demand.


PoolingPLUS is a new lottery transaction that results in a new combination ticket. It gives each Lottery the ability to incentivize players to purchase more draw game tickets without the use of discounts or giveaways.

The lottery transaction combines a required purchase of a traditional play(s) with a pool of plays to give the players more chances of winning.

View a Sample PoolingPLUS $2 Pool - $4 Ticket

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Unlike office pools, with PoolingPLUS:

Each participant in the pool is anonymous. No personal information is collected.

Pooling is available 24/7 and not just when a group can be put together.

Players do not know the identity of any other players in the pool. The system randomly fills each pool from other poolers around the state.

Each player has their own ticket that represents their individual share of any winnings, thus there is no chance of someone else losing their ticket or claiming their prize.

Winnings are claimed and collected by each person in the pool in the same manner as winnings are collected for non-pooling tickets.

Players are looking for additional value for their money, and multiple independent studies support a pooling option. They show that players are willing to play MORE and spend MORE if they perceive "more bang for their buck."

It is important to understand the following:

  1. In a 10-play pool shared by 10 players, only 10 plays are created, and each of the 10 players receives their own ticket displaying the same 10 plays.
  2. It is strongly recommended that the PoolingPLUS option include a minimum qualifying purchase of 100% owned plays with each pool. It is suggested that for $1 games, the minimum purchase should be set at 2 100% owned plays, and for $2 games, the minimum purchase should be set at 1 100% owned play. The combination ticket will show both the 100% owned plays and pool of plays.

U.S. Patent No. 7,527,556.
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